Ferne Clyffe Trails

  1.  Rebman Trailis an easy 0.25-mile hike.  A plaque dedicated to Emma Rebman marks the beginning of the trail.  This trail also provides foot access to a designated climbing/rappelling area.
  2.  Goreville Boy Scout  Trailis a steep trail that connects the park to the nearby town of Goreville.  This 0.5-mile trail is moderately difficult.
  3.  Hawk's Cave  Trail is an easy 0.5-mile trail that leads visitors past one of the largest shelter bluffs in Illinois.
  4.  Big Rocky Hollow Trailis an easy hike with a round-trip distance of 0.75-mile.  the trail leads to a 100-foot tall intermittent waterfall.
  5.  Waterfall Trailis a moderately difficult 0.75-mile hike that begins a Derr Ridge Campground and also leads to the waterfall.
  6.  Blackjack Oak Trailis a moderately difficult 1-mile trail that offers impressive vistas.  It leads hikers up two steep-climbs from the lake to the Hillside picnic area.
  7.  Ferne Clyffe Lake Trailis an easy 1-mile hike that provides anglers with an opportunity to get close to the banks of the lake.
  8.  Round Bluff Nature Preserve Trailis a 1-mile moderately difficult trail that leads hikers past rare plants and impressive rock formations.  This is a nature preserve, and hiking is restricted to the designated trail only.
  9.  Happy Hollow Backpack Trailis a 0.5-mile trek to the primitive backpack campground.
10.  Happy Hollow Trailis a difficult 5-mile trail that winds through woods and old fields and includes several steep climbs.
11.  Happy Hollow Horse  Trail  is an 8-mile equestrian route accessible from the horseback campground.  Portions of the trail are shared by hikers and horseback riders.  Horses should be kept on the equestrian-designated trials only.  The trail is closed to horses from Nov. 1 to April 30.
12.  River to River Trail  cuts across southern Illinois from the Ohio River to the Mississippi River, passes through Ferne Clyffe State Park offering 8 miles of moderately difficult terrain.  The trail is marked with white diamonds with a blue "I" in the center.  The portion of the trail that passes through Ferne Clyffe is open to foot traffic and horses only, and the  trail is closed from Nov. 1 - April 30.  No motorized vehicles or bicycles are allowed on any Ferne Clyffe trails. 
13.  Cedar Bluff Trailis a 2-mile hiking trail rated as moderate in difficulty.  A short hike on Cedar Bluff trails leads to a scenic vista atop Cedar Bluff.  For those interested in a longer hike, the trail proceeds from the vista along the ridge top then descends the bluff and intersects with the Bobcat Loop Trail.
14.  Cedar Bluff Climber's Access Trailis an easy 0.5-mile hike that provides foot access to various climbs at a designated climbing/rappelling area, located at the southwest end of Cedar Bluff.  Foot access only is allowed.
15.  Big Buck Creek Trailis scenic, wooded 2-mile trail that generally follows along Big Buck Creek.  It's difficulty is moderate. 
16.  Bobcat Loop Trailis a secluded 1-mile loop in the heart of the Cedar Bluff area.  difficulty is considered moderate.  This trail links with the Cedar Bluff Trail and the Big Buck Creek Trail.
17.  High Ridge Trailis a 1.5-mile trail, moderate in difficulty and open to hikers and equestrians.  This trail splits off the Big Buck Creek Trail and travels high along a ridge through the woods.
18.  Bork's Waterfall  Trailis a 0.5-mile long trail that provides access to the base of the waterfall.  This is an easy like to an exceptional geographic feature.