Shawnee National Forest Backpacking

  Shawnee national forest Backpacking is a Great way to see the Bluffs Creeks and valleys of the Shawnee National Forest.While there are over 1200 miles of trails 300 miles of trails are marked, 30 miles are for hiking only. The Shawnee National forest backpacking Trails traverse the hills and valleys of the Shawnee Hills and the Illinois Ozarks.
 The River to River Trail is a popular backpacking trip with 160 mile of hills and valleys it  can be a 2 to 3 week trip or back packing can be a one day Hiking trip like Garden of the gods or a family adventure at Bells Smith Springs The Shawnee national forest has backpacking or hiking for everyone and every age Get out and have fun Remember to Leave No Trace when backpacking .

Backpacking areas
Hidden Valley Ranger district
Mississippi Bluffs Ranger District
State Sites

Here is a list of thing you might need on the trail List of stuff for Camping

Maps of the Forest


There are many dangers in the back country of the Shawnee national forest high water, weather, falls, poisonous snakes,poisonous plants,cuts,and thorns. Remember to let someone know when you leave and your expected return time beaware that cell phone may not work and outside contact may not be possible and Rescue from any injures may not be as fast expected