Leave No Trace

Pack in Pack out

Leave No Trace Principles:

Plan ahead and prepare
•Know the area and what to expect
•Select appropriate equipment
•Repackage food
Camp and travel on durable surfaces
•Avoid places where impact is just beginning
•Stay on the trail
•Equestrians should avoid riding dirt trails after heavy
rain.  Ride graveled trails during wet weather periods

Pack it in, Pack it out
•Reduce litter at the source
•Dispose of trash and garbage properly
Properly dispose of what you can’t pack out
•Dispose of human waste responsibly
•Minimize soap use & food scraps in waste water

Leave what you find
•Respect the environment
•Minimize site alterations 
•Avoid damaging trees and plants
•Leave natural and cultural artifacts
•Respect private land
•Respect other visitors’ desire for a peaceful outdoor experience
Minimize use and impact of fires
•Know fire restrictions and always carry a stove
•Keep your fire small and safe