Specialized Camping

Specialized Camping

Specialized camping is when a person or group of people take camping to the next level, either it is very minimalistic with little to no supplies (living off land).Specialized camping can also go the other way  with all the comforts of home at the camp site including satellite Tv  and Air conditioning. Most people go somewhere in between when camping. Here are a few Specialized Camping Types and  can be found in or around The Shawnee National forest .

Survivalist campers learn the skills needed to survive in any out-door situation. This activity may require skills in obtaining food from the wild, emergency medical treatments, orienteering, and pioneering.

Winter camping refers to the experience of camping outside during the winter - often when there is snow on the ground. Campers and outdoorspeople have adapted their forms of camping and survival to suit extremely cold nights and limited mobility or evacuation. Methods of survival when winter camping includes: building snow shelters such as quinzhees,igloos, or snow caves, dressing in "layers," staying dry, using low-temperature sleeping bags, and fueling the body with appropriate food.

Workcamping or Camp host allows campers to trade their labor for a free campsite, and sometimes even for utilities and additional pay. Workcamping is usually seasonal, from May to October, although in warm weather states such as Florida and Arizona they can be year round. Work campers are mainly individuals or couples who come into a recreational site with their own RV and offer their labor in maintaining that particular facility. In exchange they can camp for free and sometimes they might receive wages. Camp host programs allow people to camp for free for extended periods in exchange for acting as a volunteer to introduce visitors to campground facilities and organizing some activities.

Adventure camping is a form of camping by people who race (possibly adventure racing or mountain biking) during the day, and camp in a minimalist way at night. They might use the basic items of camping equipment such as a micro-camping stove, sleeping bag, and Bivouac bag.

Boutique Camping is found at music festivals Like Hog Rock just outside of  Cave in Rock. Also called glamping, posh camping or comfy camping. It allows people to escape the hassles of finding camp space, carrying their tents, and erecting and taking down their own tents.

 Companies deliver accommodation units to the festival, as well as build and breakdown the units for their guests. 

Historical camping is camping using the methods and tools of a specific time in the past. Historical reenactors often camp with gear correct or similar to that available in the period they represent (Wild West, Medieval, Civil War, etc.). Such camping is done for personal enjoyment and for instructional purposes. Their equipment is often made by specialized blacksmiths, leatherworkers and tentmakers or may be self-made.

Contemporary Camping is often used to refer to a campsite where the accommodation is a mobile home rather than a tent. Contemporary Camping is most prevalent in or around large cities But camp sites that accommodated large Trailer campers are available at most campgrounds in the Shawnee National forest . In many cases, campsites have replaced traditional tent camping sites with Mobile Trailer sites . Thus enabling more families to enjoy the outdoor life, but with facilities that include fully-equipped kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Specialized camping can be Fun and rewarding way to spend a weekend or a whole vacation.